Simple and powerful business VPN

JazzVPN is a Virtual Private Network for business, like OpenVPN, but for Windows. Soon it will support Mac OS X and Linux.

It's lightweight, fast, simple and powerful. 

Supported features:

  • Multi-networks server
  • Internal DB or Windows Active Directory login
  • Support for Multicast and Broadcast packages
  • Support for Policies which can be used to create groups of users that will see different parts of the network. This way you don't have to make visible the whole network to everybody.
  • Support for Events in Python/C/C++ which allows:
    • Login prompt customization, allowing administrators to implement the login rules and questions needed for its organization, as well as support for multi factor authentications. You can use client IP address to verify user location and based on that present a different set of validations, or restrict connections after 10PM. Samples provided.
    • Incoming connection authorization, authorization of connection between nodes, and others. You can, for example, restrict incoming connections to one specific country or state using IP databases or restrict the use of certain services by blocking connections to one specific port. Samples will be provided.
  • Network Audit logging Headers (in .csv) or Full-traffic (.pcap format for WireShark) when a connection fits a Policy (or you can force it for all)
  • Runs as a regular Web Server with TLS 1.3, which allows it traverse all kind of routers
  • Support for your own web certificate and Let's Encrypt certificates (LE can be auto-renewed on expiration)
  • Free Complementary Subdomain of registration available
  • Support for scriptable login dialogs in order to allow advanced authentications like DUO login or special internal corporation login window in Python.

Developing features:

  • Support for direct Peer-To-Peer connection
  • License management
  • Support for IPv6
  • Client DNS request resolver DB - This will provide support for redirection to internal clients by name


Current expected delivery time is by the end of March when we realize we have the quality product we want to deliver.

Current Version is 0.17 from January 16 2019 (it will expire on February 20 2019) - Go to Download Page - Current release is delayed

Ultra secure

Push security forward running your security infrastructure and your data on your servers.

  • Military-grade user authentication using Kerberos.
  • TLS 1.3 connections using the best of current Web infrastructure.
  • Auditory logs integrated to identify when something goes wrong and fix it.

Developer friendly

JazzVPN was designed to provide unique features no other VPN product showed so far:

  • Events on most critical points to give you control on what really matters.
  • Login dialogs can be generated in Python 
  • The unique flexibility that fits your needs.

Super fast

Direct peer-to-peer connections in DTLS to prevent the Head-of-line problem, and looking to implement extension options for UDT (award-winning fastest protocol) and Google's experimental QUIC  protocol.